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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot view or play the games, why?
All of our games are powered by Macromedia Flash Player. To download the latest version for your browser please click here to visit To view the system requirements, please click here.

I keep getting logged out, why?
To maintain your logged in status and to collect points on you may need to enable cookies on your browser. Click here to learn how to enable cookies for all browsers and system types.

I want to report an inappropriate game, comment, avatar, or abusive user. Who do I contact?
We try to keep as family friendly as possible. In the event you find the need to report something you find inappropriate for users of all ages please email the game or user's name and your experience to

Why do some of my words have *** in them?
In an effort to prevent abusive language we have broad filters. Some instances may trigger this filter that captures bad words but ends up turning normal words like "Classic" into "Cl***ic". It simply goes with the territory of being 'better safe than sorry' when it comes to protecting our users.

I can no longer leave comments or my avatar is missing, why?
Users reported or found to be using excessively foul language will be unable to leave comments and possibly have other functions disabled. Same rules are applied to users uploading avatars inappropriate for all users.

I still have questions and need support!
Click here to Contact Us

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